Facebook Ad Tips For Your Shopify Store Paid

Take advantage of your larger audience and funnel your Facebook audience to your Shopify store with an integrated ad campaign. Here’s how.

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Brands large and small are trying to Shopify as their resource to unify all of their commerce into one command dashboard.

Merchants will make the most of the online store customization options to trace sales created through completely different outlets, as well as the web, social media, brick and mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

This guide can break down how Shopify stores can specifically take advantage of Facebook ads to succeed in a targeted and primed audience able to purchase.

On the far side sales, we’ll discuss the advantages of the Shopify following system and the way your business will benefit of Facebook ads to come up with a valuable revenue stream.

This makes it simple for you to optimize ad sets to succeed in an oversized audience of people who will possibly convert on your Shopify web site.

Facebook advertising has long been a preferred advertising source for small business entrepreneurs simply beginning a Shopify site to a well-established brand trying to run each macro and micro-targeted campaigns.

Anyone can fuel their business growth through Facebook ads, all that’s needed is taking the time to know the fundamentals of the platform and the way to best track through each the Facebook ads dashboard and your Shopify dashboard.

Advantages Of Facebook Advertising

There are some benefits to exploitation Facebook ads for your Shopify store.

Reach an Engaged Audience

Facebook reports having quite 2 billion active monthly users, and people users report defrayment longer on Facebook than on competitive social networks.

additionally to the Facebook platform, the company additionally owns and tracks users on messenger and Instagram.

The combined info collected across these accounts is employed within the ads targeting algorithm.

Target By Demographics, Behaviors, And Interests

Facebook could be a place to share news, interact with brands, post photos and share unique discoveries.
All of the activity and connections you create on the platform are compiled to make a novel user profile advertisers use to focus on in the Facebook ads campaign manager tool.

Facebook advertisers will build a target market employing a style of interests, behaviors, and traits.

Generating complete Awareness

Brands utilize social media pages to show their distinctive brand voice through rigorously curated pictures and social shares.

once you use Facebook advertising, you’ll prefer to highly to|favor to|choose to} show them from your brand pages.

this can increase brand exposure and encourage engaged users to follow your company for more relevant information.

Totally different Ad Formats To Showcase product And Services

Your Facebook advertising ROI is also subject to your booming display of effective ad sorts.

manufacturing high-performing ad types will be tough for beginners as a result of numerous options. to assist ease the introduction, we have a tendency to highlight 5 ad formats to consider.

Single Image Ads

Single image ads are the common format the general public are used to seeing as they scroll.
Why Use Facebook Ads to market Your Shopify Store?
Advertising through Facebook ads permits you to find your ideal client exploitation tools to spot what the individual likes, interests, and customary behaviors.
This format makes it simple to showcase your product and offer.

Single image ads serve best once you have a specific offer or product to market on a collection budget.

Video Ads

Video ads enable you to show each your brand tone and product to your attentive audience at an equivalent time.

These ads will be engineered at intervals the Facebook Ads Manager however can be hand-picked to display on Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, and Messenger.

according to Facebook, videos that are fifteen seconds or less can capture an engaged audience.

These short videos additionally need a clear clip with a powerful decision to action.

This may embody product getting or clicking on your web site to be told more.

Carousel Ads

Once you build carousel ads, you’ll include a variety of videos and pictures that will} scroll in a single ad.

You’ll link every product to its corresponding product page if you show different products.

Users will have management to scroll back and forth through displayed images.
Carousel ads are sensible for displaying multiple products, saying new themes or collaborations, giving tutorials, or showcasing one product in numerous settings.


Collection ads are a full-screen ad experience.

They show {a cover|a canopy} image or video and multiple product therefore end users can browse and buy your products.

This ad format helps display a full product catalog and permits engaged users to get easily.

These ads will be displayed on the Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, or Instagram Stories.

Track Conversions In Facebook Business Manager and Your Shopify Dashboard

Facebook Business Manager Conversion tracking

to track down specific ad performance, navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager account and select the campaign to review.

Once you decide on the campaign, you may be able to drill down by ad set or specific ads to review obtainable metrics.

customize your read by using the Columns menu and selecting the metric to report.

Metrics to monitor:

  • Ad impressions.
  • Click-through rate.
  • Relevance score.
  • Geographical location.
  • Audience demographic.
  • Video views and video percentage watched.
  • Engagement.
  • Frequency.
  • Cost per Conversion.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Return on Ad spend (ROAS).

Reviewing this dashboard will assist you understand what ads are performing well and providing a high return on investment, and that ads aren’t generating a valuable return.

this information will be used to build and optimize future ads.

Shopify Conversion tracking

once you log in to your personal Shopify store, you’ll access the promoting section, which can offer the quantity of traffic and sales dampened by marketing source.

Here you can see how well your Facebook advertising efforts are by reviewing which sources bring you the most conversions.

it’s crucial to review and compare metrics from each Shopify and Facebook to make sure the metrics are painting an equivalent picture.

it’s necessary to notice both systems update on completely different schedules, therefore slight discrepancies are common.


Facebook serves an oversized audience with numerous interests, making this social network a marketing gold mine.

It offers the tools and data required to segment audiences based on attributes that best align with the product you sell.
integrating Facebook ad campaigns along with your Shopify store permits your store to build upon brand awareness, brand engagement, and sales conversions.

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