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3 Perfect Tips For Promoting Your Business On Instagram

Get More Customer Knocking on your door

promote on instagram

No, really. I know what you may be thinking, “how could a social media platform that is full of funny cat videos, posts from influencers, and pictures of food help me land more customers and make more sales?” Believe it or not, there is a lot more to Instagram than just pictures and videos for fun. It is also increasingly becoming a marketplace, with 70% of shoppers looking on Instagram to make their next purchase.

Also, 50% of people report being more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on this platform. There are 1.13 billion users on Instagram with more joining every day. This provides a large number of potential customers which explains why there are over 200 million businesses using this app.

However, becoming Insta-famous is not as easy as creating an account and posting product shots. There is an art to cultivating a following for your local business but you are in the right place to learn how. In this guide, you will come across 11 tips that you can use on Instagram to reach a wider audience, generate engagement, promote your local business, and generate sales.

1. The first tip is to participate!

Before anything else, Instagram (like any other social media platform) is a community. It would be beneficial for your business to show that you are a reputable and valuable member of the Instagram community because this will help you earn followers who are eager to engage with your content. Just posting great images or videos is not enough!

2. A way to strengthen your Instagram community ties is by re-posting local content.

This can be done by regularly re-posting content published by your local followers, other businesses in your area, and local celebrities. Not only will the content creator feel great about their content being featured on your page, but other followers will take notice too. They may mention your “shout out” on their own Instagram page which will help you reach their followers and even more people in your local community; it’s a win-win situation!

3. Another tip is to maintain a consistent brand identity

because your business “Instagram account” is just an extension of your brand. Even though Instagram should be used to achieve different objectives than other touch points (such as website, Facebook page, etc.), there needs to be sense of consistency across all platforms in terms of the tone and personality set by your brand; otherwise you run the risk of confusing customers who follow you on multiple channels.

4. Demonstrating your local lifestyle is another key tip.

Your business’ local lifestyle can best be described as the life a customer leads after they’ve purchased your products.

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